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Edmonton Event Awards 2019


We have addressed the most frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions, please don't be shy and reach out to us!  

Why do we need the Edmonton Event Awards?

The last decade has seen our industry develop substantially and be recognized as a profession of its own. We should be proud of what we do as event professionals. The Edmonton Event Awards are an opportunity to celebrate who we are, to recognize excellence, and to build friendships within the industry.

The inaugural Edmonton Event Awards were held in February 2016 and have grown to an attendance of over 300 event professionals in its second year. This, along with so much positive feedback, is a very strong indicator that this program is needed.

Who is behind this initiative?

The Event Awards in Edmonton and Calgary are an initiative of Timewise Event Management Inc. and the Event Professionals Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit organization. The Foundation was created by event professionals for event professionals. Our mission is to CONNECT and EDUCATE event professionals, and to ELEVATE our industry.

These awards programs were the vision of Brent Taylor and Arlene Schilke, event professionals who built successful businesses right here in Alberta. Over the past two decades they have contributed numerous volunteer hours with industry associations locally and internationally. These awards programs grew out of their passion for our industry and their commitment to see our industry develop.

These programs are non-partisan and operate apart from community or membership-based associations. Many associations and organizations are supporting this initiative through brand alignment, financial contributions and involvement in the adjudication process. We are grateful for their support.

Timewise Event Management Inc provides the production management services to ensure successful completion of these award programs.

Will there be a sit-down dinner during the program? What type of program is it?

No, there will not be a sit-down dinner. Our program consists of a cocktail hour, awards ceremony and an after-party. Seating for the awards ceremony is theatre-style. The awards are formally presented without acceptance speeches. There will be an intermission and some entertainment during the program showcasing Edmonton talent. The ceremony is followed by an after-party that you will not soon forget. You can view feedback and photos from the Edmonton Event Awards 2018 by clicking here

Are the Edmonton Event Awards different from the MPI Event Management Awards (EMAs) and You're Welcome! Awards?

Yes. This initiative has not been designed to compete with or replace these awards programs. The Event Management Awards (EMAs) are held by the Greater Edmonton Chapter of MPI to provide recognition to its members. The formerly held You're Welcome! Awards celebrated those who demonstrated service excellence in our local tourism industry.

The Edmonton Event Awards are organized impartial from industry associations and is the first program designed to recognize excellence across every aspect of our industry in the Greater Edmonton Region.

My company is located outside the Greater Edmonton Region. Can I submit?

Yes, we will accept submissions from companies located outside the Greater Edmonton Region if your event was held within the Greater Edmonton Region. This is only applicable to award categories recognizing a specific event.

My Edmonton-based company delivered an event outside the Greater Edmonton Region. Can I submit?

Yes, we will accept your submission for an event delivered outside the Greater Edmonton Region. Your services for the event must have been delivered by staff based in the Greater Edmonton Region. If you are unsure, please contact us for clarification before submitting.

Will the adjudication process be anonymous?

No, the judges will be aware of who they are judging. We struggled with this one and have concluded that with this being a community awards program it will be very difficult to maintain anonymity. This is very different from judging a regional or national awards program. To maintain anonymity we would have to go out-of-market to find judges who are not familiar with who is delivering services to local events.

It is important to us to engage judges who are in our local industry. Thus we are very strategic in selecting judges. We look to engage 3-5 individuals that are upper management in larger organizations or individuals who have been in the industry for a long time. These individuals bring extensive experience and industry involvement to the process. We also feel they are more likely to have and be perceived as having minimal bias. 

We welcome your recommendations on potential judges and your input on making the adjudication process better.

How will my submission be judged? What is the adjudication process?

The integrity of this event depends heavily upon the adjudication process. It is extremely important to us that we maintain transparency. We have tight controls in place. Submissions are only viewed by our Production Team and the judges. All other staff are hands-off with the adjudication process.

All submissions will be checked by our Production Team to ensure they meet the category requirements. If questions arise or additional materials are required, they will contact the nominee to obtain such. The judges will determine a shortlist of at least 3 finalists for each award. To determine the award winners, the judges will meet for a more in-depth review of the finalists to agree on a winner.

Our Production Manager walks through the adjudication process with the judges as this is necessary in order to manage the process and to keep time commitments to a minimum. She does not provide her opinion on the content being judged.

Will I be able to provide support materials in addition to the uploaded collateral?

Yes. You can submit additional materials by email to  Our office may request additional materials from the shortlisted finalists if required to facilitate the decision-making process. 

What will happen to my submitted materials after the Awards?

All submitted materials and collateral will not be returned the nominee. It will be securely disposed of within 10 working days after the awards ceremony.

Will you present an award in every category, regardless of the quality of the submissions?

We reserve the right to not present an award in any category without a strong candidate. This will be decided by the judges. 

Can I withdraw my entry?

Submissions can be withdrawn until 5:00pm MT on February 28, 2019. Submission fees will not be refunded.